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Diagnosis: users have a hard time converting documents

So you have got loads of documents lying around which you would like to share with a colleague or a friend. But your friend does not have a Mac and cannot open iWork™ documents? You would like to send your documents as PDF only to your colleagues? Ok no problem: you can easily export documents from iWork™ and Microsoft Office™ apps right?

However, in a fearless self-experiment the Docxtor found out that the more documents you have to convert the higher user frustration becomes as the following graph shows:

The higher the number of documents the higher is user frustration when converting documents

Therapy: consult the Docxtor for document conversion

An icon showing the Docxtor ready to help you convert your documents

Fear no more, the Docxtor is here to help you: just drag your folders and documents into the main window, select your therapy and call the Docxtor. In a minute all your documents will be converted! See below which document types can be converted:

iWork™ Microsoft Office™
Pages Numbers Keynote Word Excel Powerpoint .rtf
convert to…
Pages --- --- --- Yes --- --- Yes
Numbers --- --- --- --- Yes --- ---
Keynote --- --- --- --- --- Yes ---
Microsoft Office™
Word™ Yes --- --- --- --- --- Yes
Excel™ --- Yes --- --- --- --- ---
Powerpoint™ --- --- Yes --- --- --- ---
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Convert and rebuild complete folder structures

Using advanced technology the Docxtor will recreate your complete folder structure and it even copies over files which he cannot convert.

How to

Just download the app and follow these steps:

  1. Drag files in the list view
  2. Setup the conversion options.
  3. Hit start and watch the Docxtor do the rest.

How it works - technically

Well the Docxtor just compiles and runs an AppleScript for you to convert your documents. You could do that yourself, but the Docxtor makes it more convenient! You will need to have the current version of the iWork™ applications installed to have full functionality. Read the support page for more info.


Docxtor can be purchased via Its regular price is USD 9.99 / EUR 9.99 including sales tax / VAT (prices may vary according to the country you live in). After the purchase you will receive a license code which you can use to unlock the app.

You can download a trial before purchasing. The trial is limited to converting 10 files in one session.

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

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